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I encourage you to interview multiple photographers for your wedding. Let's have coffee or ice cream, my treat, and get to know each other. The relationship with your photographer can mean the difference between good, bad, or fabulous photos! If you don't like your photographer, you may not like your photos... If you've researched wedding photography you've seen the "questions to ask your wedding photographer" and I'm always happy to provide answers!  You'll find, in my gallery, weddings of other couples full wedding day, not just a few good photographs, this way you can see what to expect out of your all photos. Enjoy!     -Heather Renee Vail

Capturing the heart of your wedding day is a precious gift, not just for me but for you and your family. Finding those timeless moments with you and maybe your ring bearer or the bride & groom at a moment they didn't even know I was there...

Heather R. Vail

With each wedding I have the honor to photograph, these are the moments I look for. These are the moments at will bring back the emotion of that day each and every time you look at them!​

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I strive to provide you with the best possible client service! With that, I give you all the information I can upfront. There are no hidden fees or costs. Recently, I have decided to give you the ability to purchase Professional Prints at a reasonable price. For the first year after your wedding, you no longer have to worry about getting inferior photos just to try and save a buck or two. I want to be sure the history and art you put on your walls are the best they possibly can be and will last for your kids, and their kids, and their kids... after the first year the copyright is released to you and you are free to purchase wherever you'd like. Click here for Print Prices.

The essence of you and the heart of your wedding day!